Are You Interested in earning money? 
Direct Selling is an ideal way to start a business of your own and offers many unique opportunities. It's a method of selling goods directly to the consumer and is the UK's largest provider of part time earnings. 

The Growth of Direct Selling 
Over the past decade, a steadily growing proportion of Ireland's population have become attracted to the idea of having their own small business. Not only as an alternative to conventional employment, coping with early retirement or as a way of supplementing a family income, but also for the sheer satisfaction of being an entrepreneur and being rewarded solely on the basis of achievement. 
The vast majority of manufacturers or suppliers of consumer goods and services would, were it possible, prefer to deal directly with their retail customers. This is precisely what Direct Selling is all about and why it is a growing sector of the home shopping market, with annual sales exceeding €50 million. 
These opportunities are designed to appeal to men, women and couples across every social and racial group. One of the great attractions of a Direct Selling business is that the commitment is entirely flexible. It can be just a few hours a week or, for some, a full time occupation. It is, for example, a perfect opportunity for women to return to work, as it fits in with their family commitments. 
The DSAI recommends that businesses check with the Revenue (Irish Tax & Customs) before starting a new business. 
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