Since Hector was a child he's always been a dreamer and has always wanted to help people… 
I regularly had the urge to rebel against what society says should be the norm, that you should go to school and college, learn how to become a good employee, get a mortgage and work until you die, but after getting good exam results, I fell victim to society’s trap and I went off to university to study mechanical engineering. Several years after qualifying and beginning my professional career, I realised I was unhappy. My job and lifestyle did not fulfil me and my career was not enabling me to help and impact others, so I quit. I completed a Masters in teaching and worked for a few years as a secondary school teacher until I set up my own business in the education industry. I really enjoyed helping and teaching my students, and I felt more fulfilled from the job satisfaction point of view, but I still craved freedom and flexibility, and I wanted to travel the world! 
It was through my partner that I came to know of Forever. She ran her own business and was doing well, so while I was still working, I watched her, helped her and observed the business from every angle. Attending events and trainings with her allowed me to meet lots of people that knew all about the industry, and this helped me to see the huge potential Forever offered. The freedom it provided was the answer to everything I had been craving for years, so as a personal challenge I decided to run my own Forever business. It was difficult at first because my network was already full of Forever people, and to make it harder I am originally Spanish, so English is not my native language, but I had passion, determination, and everything to gain. 
Now I work from home, I can choose when I work and I can be there every morning when my baby daughter wakes up. Having my daughter and partner around me  
all day is a blessing, and the flexibility that this business allows is a game-changer. I’m able to build an environment that encourages growth and development, but  
more importantly one that teaches my daughter that life is about helping others, dreaming big and enjoying what you do. I set my own goals and how much I want  
to earn, and I spend time improving myself to become the person who can make those goals happen. I’ve always loved helping people and have done a fair bit of volunteer work for non-government organisations (NGO) over the years, and now my aim is to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams using Forever  
as their vehicle. 
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