Just over 6 years ago I went to a meeting to speak with some business associates that I had worked with in the fitness industry as they wanted me to come in for a chat and a ‘coffee’. Being open minded I went to the meeting in the hope of securing some additional work as a fitness professional. 
I’ve been a holistic coach and trainer for over 10 years and an actor for 15 years and I really love to work in those areas, but it comes with a price. One area is seasonal work and the other required a lot of trading time for money to make a decent living. At the time myself and my wife Heloísa were recently engaged and we were preparing to travel to Brazil to get married. Heloísa is a self taught graphic designer, trained as an engineer in college and taking a leap of faith travelled to Ireland, but with Visa limitations ended up waiting tables and working in a phone store which recently had to shut down their franchise. So she was no stranger to working hard and nor was I, as I also had a side hustle as a painter. Something I did from time to time to pay some bills while I was honing my skills. 
When I came home from that meeting, we were expecting a job opportunity to help with the wedding. Instead we were offered a business opportunity. A chance to once again look at Network Marketing. Except this time it felt much different. Since Organo’s genius was to hide an awesome health component in peoples favourite daily habits, I became really excited. Heloísa did not share my excitement and just saw this as coffee and tea. 
Before Organo, I was terrible in my first company to be honest. There I felt like a boring sales person trying to convince people to use the products since I felt good. But then I saw a quote from Warren Buffet that changed my business paradigm entirely - “What you do make it your hobby. What the world does, make it your business.” I knew then that we could make this work as this was ‘health in a habit’. I didn’t have to change people or their daily rituals. The products boosted our families health almost immediately so we knew this organic Reishi was the real deal. An absolute win win for us as we wanted to fall in love with the process of connecting with people and sharing our products that was a easy switch for people. 
Our intentions were good but as soon as we were building some momentum we seemed to lose it. This happened a few times. It was painful. I felt like a failure. Negative thinking crept in and we realised that if we were going to really progress in our lives that we needed to invest in our personal development and to change certain paradigms that were holding us back. So we invested heavily in ourselves and jumped in on a 6 month personal development course created by Bob Proctor. 6 months later we became the first Sapphire Consultants in Ireland in Organo. Within the next year we helped to create 3 more Sapphire leaders in our organisation and have continued to grow ever since. 
It’s been a blessing for myself and my families health and to have also created a residual income from serving happy healthy customers and partners around the world. In light of everything going on in the world today, we’re very grateful that there is a constantly growing income stream in our lives from our Organo business regardless of what other work related restrictions are happening. Especially since our products have been considered as essential service during all this. 
It’s been an amazing journey to be on over the last few years which has also allowed us to travel to exotic locations as a bonus for building the business. The friendships and the leadership skills we have learned through Network Marketing and our upline leaders has really opened our eyes to new ways of doing business in the modern world. Myself and Heloísa are really grateful to be partnered with Organo and are ready to play an honest, real and energetic role in sharing value and solutions with the world. 
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