Do You Wish To Become A Member of DSAI? 
Direct Selling is an ideal way to start a business of your own and offers many unique opportunities. It's a method of selling goods directly to the consumer and is Ireland's largest provider of part time earnings. 

Why Join the DSAI? 
Membership of the DSAI and permission to use the DSAI logo is a powerful aid to the development of any business engaged in the Direct Selling of consumer goods and services. 
Provided that a business is lawful and abides by the DSAI Codes, the Association welcomes applications from businesses of any size. This includes start up enterprises for whom the DSAI provides basic advice free of charge. 

The Benefits 

Membership benefits… 

Full Members can use the DSAI Registered Logo on all products, catalogues, stationery and sales literature. 
The opportunity to use and distribute consumer literature produced by the DSAI of Ireland. 
The provision of a worldwide Directory of Direct Sales Companies and Affiliated Direct Selling Associations. Market data and surveys on the Direct Selling of consumer goods in Ireland and in Europe. 
Publicity of Member Companies through membership lists and other PR materials distributed to the public, to trade and consumer media and to consumer interest organisations. 

Make your voice heard... 

Representation of Members' interests in negotiations with Government both in Dublin and Brussels and with consumer interest bodies. This covers all aspects of sales and marketing but excludes matters relating to products. 
The provision of briefings on all matters relating to the direct selling industry both in Ireland and abroad. 
The opportunity to seek election to the Association's Governing Council. 

Get help and support... 

The opportunity to participate in mutual support schemes. Smaller companies are able to receive strategic advice from larger well established Members operating similar marketing plans. 
The opportunity to receive assistance in the preparation of contracts for independent self- employed sales people. 

The Dáil - Irish Parliament Stay informed... 

The opportunity to attend conferences and seminars organised by affiliated Direct Selling Associations in Europe and the US. 
The opportunity to attend seminars and conferences organised by the Direct Selling Association of Ireland. 

Types of Membership 

Prospective Members are those that have been recently elected to the DSAI and are awaiting the compliance audit that precedes transfer to Full Membership status and permission to use the DSAI logo. They have also been judged by the DSAI to comply fully with legal  
requirements and given an undertaking to comply with DSAI Codes. 
All members comply with the DSAI codes of practice, and have met all the criteria required by the Association and have been audited for compliance and approved by the Code Administrator. 
The DSAI Supplier Members, all of whom support and work within the Direct Selling industry and all of whom are valued, trusted and important advisors or service providers to one or more DSAI Member Companies. 
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